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One Tune a Day

Check out the One Tune a Day project. In 2016 I made one short tune every day from january 1 to december 31.

A new tune every day to contemplate and give you a minute to sit down and listen, maybe you like it, maybe not. But I hope it can give you something. It is an ambitious project I know. I will try to compose and record one short tune and attach it to a one minute video clip every day for a year.

The criteria is to just give it one hour from recording to uploading. The movieclip is filmed a day before.

Peace and Love

Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2016

The Butler

In February I was a part of the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen, Norways BA exhibition in the Green House of the fair.

I exhibitet a butler called "Ballerina". It is mad out of Ash and the hooks are solid wood steamed and bended around a jigg to get the organic shape.

The respons on the fair was wery good and I got an order of five pieces to a famous resturant. details are coming later.