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Workshop in steam bending wood

Publisert 17.08.2017 av Jozeph

In the end of next month, September 25 and 27, I will host a workshop in steam bending wood. 

Unfortunately it will only be room for 10 people each night so be quick to book your spot. 

I will start at 3 pm and continue as long as we need, but I guess we're finsished around 7pm. I will give you a brief introduction on the history, different teniques and how and why it works. Then we will bend some wood. This workshop is just touching on the surface of the craft and give you a little understanding of what you can do and what you can not.

You can register here.

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RAFF design week in Bergen Norway

Publisert 18.10.2015 av

This is the lamp I am exhibiting at RAFF design week in Bergen, Norway. It is called the LOOP.


The Loop

Have a look here (in Norwegian, use Google translate :-)  )


The clean steam bended wood

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Searching for more ...

Publisert 14.11.2012 av Jozeph

I am constantly searching for items and material that have potential for transformation. There is one service I have found that is full of inspiration.

Check it out here


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Zen Proverb

The strength of a tree lies in it's ability to bend.